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Steam radiater venting

jeff_72 Member Posts: 7
...it was a combination of poor main venting, incorrectly piped drip connections, and an old boiler. I started with getting the mains vented properly...this had the most dramatic effect. People like Steamhead, Ron Jr. and the Furniture guy helped me with the details. Do your mains have ample venting? I'd start there.


  • Len_7
    Len_7 Member Posts: 1
    venting steam radiator

    Hi. I have a 20 section radiator in my dining room which is on the north side of the house. Room doesn't get much sun.My thermistat is on the other end of the room. Was wondering which size vent would be used for this situation. The radiator stands about 2ft from the floor ,so its not very high, but its long in size. Room size is about 9 wide by 20 deep. Using maid-o-mist D vent right now. is that to big. Or should i be using one that vents alittle slower. Thanks.
  • John S.
    John S. Member Posts: 260
    it's only too big if...

    The thermostat gets satisfied, yet the rest of the house is cold.

    That radiator's 'venting/heating rate' will determine how the rest of the house heats. Vent it too fast, the rest of the rads might not have a chance to warm the other rooms in the house. Vent it too slow, the rest of the house may overheat.

    It's pretty much trial and error.

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  • Bernard Smith
    Bernard Smith Member Posts: 49

    What kind of problem do you have? Too hot? Too cold? No heat? Be a little more specific and some one will help.
  • Len_8
    Len_8 Member Posts: 17

    Problem seems to be when the boiler runs during the day,not when boiler starts first thing n the morning. Boiler runs long enough in the morning to get the second floor rad's hot. When it runs for a shorter time ,upstairs rad's don't seem to get hot,or are just starting to get warm then boiler shuts off because it has met thermastats setting. thanks
  • Len_8
    Len_8 Member Posts: 17

    I do have a one larde main vent in the basement, other then that, all the other venting is done at rad's. boiler is only 3yrs old. Thanks
  • John S.
    John S. Member Posts: 260
    the problem is exactly as you said...

    "if the boiler runs long enough"

    The only time it will do that with the current configuration is probably recovering from a night-time setback.

    Put a slower vent on it. Then if the upstairs overheats in the morning you could install TRVs on those radiators.

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