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steam gauges

Joe K_2
Joe K_2 Member Posts: 17
I've looked for a low pressure 0 to 15 gauge but can't find one. Any ideas?


  • chris_68
    chris_68 Member Posts: 18
    steam gauges

    anything special I need to look for in a replacement gauge for a steam system. my curren 0-30 psi gauge is acting funny. I was thinking about replacing with a 0-15. do they need any special ratings and such. can anyone recomend one?
  • Dave_12
    Dave_12 Member Posts: 77
    Steam gauge

    Boiler code requires the steam gauge to have a scale that is at least twice the relief valve setting on the boiler. Assuming that your boiler has a 15 psi pressure relief valve, you should have a 0-30 psi pressure gauge.

    This being said, many system operate at very low pressure.
    A one pipe steam system usually operates between 0.50 psi and 1.5 psi. You cannot read this on a 0-30 psi gauge.

    I like to see the code required 0-30 psi gauge, plus a second pressure gauge such as a 0-15 psi or 0-5 psi as makes sense for the application. Be sure and install a siphon between the gauge and boiler to keep live steam away from the gauge mechanism.

    Good luck on this.

  • Brad White_27
    Brad White_27 Member Posts: 34

    a big fan of dual gauges at different scales as Dave suggests. The 0-5 I have trouble finding but get one if you can. (Wonder if you can get a nice large one in ounces?? That I would like to have, and I do not even have steam...)

    Siphon- absolutely, and a gauge cock to isolate it is a nice touch, essential on constant-operation systems.

    I also like liquid-filled. Less prone to shock and smoother in operation. They seem to last longer. The less expensive gauges do not always have a calibration screw, the more expensive ones do, but seldom need them. Trerice, Ashcroft and Wexler are what we specify. Different quality price points in each line, but like anything, buy the best you can afford which is appropriate for the job.

    My $0.02

  • chris_68
    chris_68 Member Posts: 18
    one more ?

    and the siphon should be filled with water, yes? Also, do you reccomend a copper or steel siphon? Thanks for the great advice...
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