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Taco Cartridge Circulators: When they need replacement?

chris_69 Member Posts: 29
It's bronze. The cartridge appears to be stainless and the impeller is plastic.


  • chris_69
    chris_69 Member Posts: 29
    Taco Cartridge Circulators: When do they need replacement

    How free-spinning is the impeller supposed to be on a Taco cartridge circulator? At what point do you replace the cartridge? This is one that's used to circulate steam boiler condensate through a heat exchanger so it's exposed to boiler mud and nasty water. It quit working; I pulled out the cartridge and found the impeller hard to turn. After swishing it around in a bucket of water to remove a lot of boiler mud from the inside of the cartridge it became easy to turn again. Put it back in or ditch it?
  • adambuild
    adambuild Member Posts: 413

    If it isn't bronze, toss it and switch. The carbonic acid in condensate and iron don't get along very well. Guaranteed to quit.
  • Change it

    all that muck gets in the cartridge, as you've seen. Use a 2- or 3-piece bronze circ like the Taco 110B or B&G 100AB or LR-15B. The mechanical seals in these units keep dirt out of the bearings.

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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Flush the boiler first*~/:)

    Stuff it back in and let it run dash out and get a new cartridge. heat the boiler up and flush it again....now the new one has some chance:)
  • chris_69
    chris_69 Member Posts: 29

    STEVE PAUL_3 Member Posts: 126
    Taco circulators

    I want to make you all aware that the new Taco IFC circulators with the built in flow checks are going to prove to be a pain in the BUTT! They came up with a great idea and then screwed it up by rotating the flanges 180*. The result is that if you are changing out an older Taco 007, you must repipe the flanges. This is not smart.I wonder what their reasoning was, perhaps the Taco guys would like to comment?
  • Joe Mattiello_2
    Joe Mattiello_2 Member Posts: 94
    Taco 007-F5-ifc

    The reasoning behind the 90 degree rotation of the flanges was to accommodate the integral flow check, requiring additional space in the volute. If you had an existing 007 in service and you needed to change it out you would use a standard 007 dimensionally the same, as opposed to a new 007 with an IFC. Taco, because of popular demand recently moved the IFC to the discharge flange, so it may consider going back to the old style, but that may create a more of a problem.
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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    it is available in another pattern.

    turned 90. you would have to specify that though. i forget the designation of the number buh ask the parts shop...that way they will hand you the right one next time.

    it might be the Wilo desginations have the letter change for the rotated flange..i am off to get some papers maybe i check into it for you ...

    Had i been a quick typerwriter person i would have read Joe's answer to you :) really he is the guy with the answer *~/:)
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