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washing machine

Brad WhiteBrad White Member Posts: 2,440
Built in the US of A (Ohio). This company started rebuilding washers for other companies for the resale and commercial laundromat markets. They got the idea after repairing so many common features, "why not design one the way it should be?"

Simple design, no frills and self-servicable. No electronics, just reliable mechanical timers. Dual bearings and belts. Top loader but horizontal axis. Low water and power consumption.

Imagine an octagonal inner drum rotating and reversing in a round outer drum -both made of stainless steel by the way. A natural churning action. Quiet and reliable.

My Maytag Ineptune had two electronic failures, fortunately not the moldy gasket issue. One of the electronic failures was covered under the warranty at least.

I bought a Staber as a backup and use it as my primary. Not cheap ($1400 range) but saves on power and water plus longevity. I wish I had known of it earlier.

My $0.02



  • johnjohn Member Posts: 195

    well, my maytag atlantis washing machine died after two which is your to keep the wife happy...john
  • petepete Member Posts: 28

    Maytag was the best machine made. The home version had the same insides as the commerciaL machines they made. I guess they lasted too long and came out with home crap version. Now Maytag was bought out by whirlpool so expect more junk. Not sure what is good.
  • kevin coppingerkevin coppinger Member Posts: 2,124

    has been prett good for me...I do hear that Fisher-Pakel is good..kpc

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  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139

    Sorry, the Atlantis was not "maytag" but a division appliance design. The only Maytag washer and dryers built in Newton were the Neptune line.

    I have the old Neptune series and love it, but you might not be able to find it anymore.

    I would go with Whirlpool from the domestic manufacturers, not sure about anything made overseas. I would look for the maytag tag on whirlpool built stuff in the next 10 years or less, just like Kitchenaid, Roper, etc is all the same inside with different looks outside and different labels and warranties.

    Don in Mo
  • McKernMcKern Member Posts: 71
    Maytag Performa line << avoid

  • AdamAdam Member Posts: 400

    Whirlpool Duet series has been great for us as well as the 6 customers we've recommended them to. Where are you located? If North Jersey, let me know I have a wholesale account.
  • johnjohn Member Posts: 195

    the washer does say "maytag atlantis".....wasn't the Neptune the subject of a class action lawsuit....I'm thinking of a Bosch's made in the us...and seems to have good reviews....thoughts....I'm in Philadephia...john
  • petepete Member Posts: 28

    Here is a comercial top loader: Huebsch/speedqueen
  • GusHerbGusHerb Member Posts: 91

    we have a maytag neptune and it cleans realy great.cant say anything about reliability though weve only had it for a year.
  • GusHerbGusHerb Member Posts: 91

    i hate the maytag performa washer and dryer the washer goes off balance on the slightest thing and its so horribly noisy and the dryers loud and it makes a knocking noise and they both look very flimsy.
  • PerryPerry Member Posts: 498
    Possibly relevent history..

    In 2005 Whirlpool acquired Maytag. At the time it was said that the headquarters Newton plant was too expesive to gain any new manufacturing product lines.

    The Maytag plant in South Carolina was closed later that year.

    While not specifically Maytag related; Also in about 2005 or very early 2006 I believe the largest US appliance assembly plant was closed. It was an independent Mfr company that produced appliances for a number of the name brands. It was located in Michagan. At the time - they were told by several of the name brand appliance companines that their existing plant would never be cost effective even after the workers offered to cut wages substaintially and the city was going to offer a substaintail grant. I believe allmost all of the manufacturing of all of those appliance lines went out of country (what impressed me when I studied the story was how many "competing" appliance companies were having their appliances built at the same subcontractor facility).

    I have no idea what kind of quality or reliability "today's" appliances have; nor where they are being built.

    Locally, while not appliance related the Mirro company was closed and mfr of aluminum pots and pans - and other related cookware was moved to Brazil. Only it turned out that Brazil could not produce uniform quality aluminum and soon the people who purchased the foundry / rolling mill / and stamping operation were soon selling and shipping aluminum coil stock to Brazil so the Brazilian "Mirro" cookware plant could stamp out cookware that was then shipped back to the US...

    Today, the "old" mirro plant (now renamed) is selling lots of aluminum roll stock to other industries - and stamping pots and pans for other companies who find that it is cost effective to have their aluminum line of cookware produced in the US.

    What is interesting is that Rubbermaid - the company that owned Mirro - had turned down the idea many times of selling roll stock to other industries from the aluminum mill.

    Good thing for the area that some of the employees were willing to band together and buy the rolling and stamping mill of a closed company cheep (only a million or so) and start a new company.

    I wonder what has become of Maytag... Is it the Brazilian story over again.... only without someone buying the existing plants that were closed in the US and starting over.

  • McKernMcKern Member Posts: 71

    exactly the same thing here - it jumps like mad and can;t balance - the rest of it's okay but its a dancer

    still have my 14yo old maytag dryer - works perfect still

    should have had the old washer fixed in hindsight - the tranny wouldn't do the spin cycle - a fair amount of corrosion on the outside, from life beside an uninsulated concret block wall half above ground

    didn't realize that performa was a different company that maytag had recently purchased - this was top of that line and the price seemed right and the name was good

    i'm thinking that the square looking maytags that are fairly simple looking and very conventional but not cheaper are the ones to get

    direct drive on any of this equipment makes of disposability - i can't imagine any front loaders lasting 20 years but hopefully i'm wrong
  • jackchipsjackchips Member Posts: 1,338
    Our Maytag

    W & D both went after about 15 years and we bought the Sears front loader for both.

    They are about three years old and work well. The only "problem" with the washer is it takes a long time over a top loader which a large family would probably not like.

    Jack-with clean and warm clothes.
  • jackchipsjackchips Member Posts: 1,338
    Don't you

    mean 140,000 cents, Brad?


    I'll have to check those out after our Sears goes, hopefully not to soon.

  • Brad WhiteBrad White Member Posts: 2,440
    Advice is cheap, Jack.

    I was not about to buy you the damn thing :)

    Available on line or do what I did. Go to the Appliance Repair Samurai at

    Scott Brown is an interesting guy from NH. Tax free :)
  • jackchipsjackchips Member Posts: 1,338
    Your advice

    is always worth more than you quote, Brad and if you change your mind on buying the washer (would you throw in a dryer also as we like to buy in pairs?) Linda would prefer white.

  • Brad WhiteBrad White Member Posts: 2,440
    They come in any color you want

    so long as it is white. You knew that was coming, didn't you, Henry Ford?

    You would buy your Linda a washing machine and dryer? How thoughtful!

    In return she will buy you a nice, comfy couch. :)

    Send me a postcard from the edge, would you?
  • ALHALH Member Posts: 1,790
    Same here

    I bought the top of the Performa line also, and the washer is impossible to balance, and a coworker just had his Maytag die after 2 years. I chalked it up to the large diameter and physics.

  • Maytag Settles Neptune Washer Lawsuit
    April 19, 2005
    Maytag has settled a consumer class action suit alleging odor, mold and mildew problems with Maytag Neptune Washers.

    More than two million consumers are included in the class, and may receive repair reimbursements, replacement costs up to $500, and/or washing machine purchase certificates up to $1000.

    According to documents filed in the Circuit Court for the State of Illinois, many Maytag consumers have complained of their machine functioning improperly and clothing covered in mold, as a result of problems with the door latch, wax motor, motor control, and related circuit boards.

    "The stench was awful," said Anne of Treasure Island, Fla., in a complaint to ConsumerAffairs.Com. "I was told to wash the boot and the gasket in the door once a week. Use only a certain detergent. Wipe the door and the inside down with bleach once a week and then leave the door open for 2 hours after each washing."

    "I was washing my washer more than I was washing my laundry," she said.

    Under the settlement, those who purchased a Maytag Neptune Front-Load Washing Machine (any model, including stackables) any time between April 1, 1997 to August 9, 2004 are entitled to one or more of the following remedies:

    a) Repair Reimbursements, defined as any reasonable out-of-pocket costs related to repairs prior to August 9, 2004 for problems mentioned in the suit.

    b) Replacement Costs of up to $500, subject to depreciation, for each Maytag customer who replaced their Maytag Neptune Washer prior to August 9, 2004 as a result of the problems mentioned in the suit.

    c) Washing Machine Purchase Certificates of up to $1000, if class member suffer the problems mentioned in the suit, and Maytag can't repair the condition. The value of the certificate is based on the age of the machine. The certificates may be used for the purchase of a new Neptune Washer. Maytag will also cover delivery of the new machine and disposal of the old unit.

    What To Do
    To qualify for a remedy, consumers must complete and send in a claim form. Claim forms can be obtained by calling 866-288-0515 or visiting the class action website, All claim forms must be sent back in by August 9, 2005.

  • petepete Member Posts: 28

    You can get the staber washer in stainless steel for $200 more.
  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
    Around here

    A lot of the farmers use cloth towels for udder washing in the milking parlor. Some of these farms will generate 800-1000 dirty 16"x16" towels PER DAY. My brothers sell Maytag, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Kithchenaid, Roper and Estate, the later 4 all made by Whirlpool with substantially the same guts on the standard models. Nearly all the farmers have settled on one of the more standard Whirlpool made variants. The machines last about 3-4 years under those conditions and then they die. The Maytags held up for a year to a year and a half before succumbing. Hotpoint/GE was a year or less. Brother Paul estimated that 3 years of that use was the household equivalent of nearly 25 years.
  • johnjohn Member Posts: 195

    ...settled for a whirlpool cabrio....about 900....i chose the 4.5 cubic feet top loading....i couldn't get around the gasket issues on the front uses 12-26 gallons per wash......anyone have experience with whirlpool?...John
  • ALHALH Member Posts: 1,790

    Nope I just checked and it's an Ensignia. No idea what the difference is.
  • PerryPerry Member Posts: 498
    I I actually have an older Maytag in the basement

    I think it is about 10 years old. A stackable combination unit.

    Repairs to date:

    1) small relay (standard industrial plug in relay) that went out several years ago - controlled the dryer heat.

    I have purchased the water control solenoid valve - but not yet installed it as the old one freed up (actually, I purchased one and installed it - only to find out they gave me the wrong part - so I swapped the old one in and it has been working well and swapped the part for the right one: Turns out I needed a different coil voltage on the solenoids than the standard valve, and they only did that 1 or 2 years). So I now have the valve when I need it.

    I have to say that I'm not sure I would trust a new one the same way.

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