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no heat in 2 basement zones, 4 upstairs ok, gas, forced hot wat

Sounds to me like the circulator is not working, Upstairs zones are heating somewhat through gravity flow---that wont work on the basement zone. Your problem is likely not air as the air would probably end up in the upper zones. Just had a similar problem yesterday, 10 apts. the only complaint was from the guy on the end w/ the most heat loss, he of course was in the lowest zone.
Circ pump was hot as a firecracker, siezed up tight.
good luck


  • joe_92
    joe_92 Member Posts: 2
    no hot water flow in basement 2 zones, ok in upstairs 4 zones

    i have a gas, hot water system that uses radiodors, circulator and
    expansion tank, i guess its a standard type of system. the boiler is
    in the basement, there are two additional floors above, each floor has
    two units, with a total of 6 units with six heating zones. i'm having
    a weird problem, i have heat going to the top floor two units, 1st
    floor two units are also ok, the problem is the two basement units,
    the heat is not circulating to the bottom two units. i checked the
    zone valves and the electrical power to them, this seems ok, i also
    get no circulation to these units when the zone valve is set to open,
    i know the zone valve is not stuck because i can open the system to
    bleed out the air. So i've also blead the system, each unit
    individually, i did this for the second time yesterday using a bucked
    which a friends suggested, although it took longer i could see the
    bubbles better, i did also notice the water being almost black with a
    lot tiny black particles, i guess this is soot from the boiler, is
    this normal? So it seems like i still have air in the system, what
    could be causing the air to enter the system, and why would the bottom
    two units not get circulation and the top floors are ok, thanks in

  • joe_92
    joe_92 Member Posts: 2

    it turned out to be the circulator, which is what i originally thought but some semiprofessional plumbers that i know steared me away from that since the pump was getting the proper voltage, it was hot and i had circulation upstairs. Goes to show you that you can't always listen to your know it all buddies. Thanks for your help
  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170
    You Pay For ........

    .... for what you get.. Heating , cooling and plumbing are all different trades .
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