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Insulation Question

amhplumb_2 Member Posts: 62
Norm, I don't have it in the wall, but it's in the floor! It's -3 today without the wind, the walls are still gutted, and I am holding about 65 in the room, and I have the room partioned off from the rest of the house! This replaced a small rad too!


  • amhplumb_2
    amhplumb_2 Member Posts: 62
    Insulation Question

    Fellow Wallies, I'm straying from plumbing & heating, but it's my own home, so! Anyway, I'm hanging some drywall in my bathroom and I want to use green board (moisture resistant type.) Someone told me that if I use the green board that I should use un-faced insulation. They say there will be a double vapor barrier if I don't. In all my years I've never paid attention, usually gone when the drywall is going up! Makes sense, Does anyone agree, or any thoughts?
  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    I hope your throwing some radiant tubing behind that drywall!

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  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    See this link

    No other varpor barrier when used as a tile "backer board" but says you should "make" the board into a vapor barrier by using a continuous coat of adhesive as well as silicon grout. Then followed by "the board itself is not a vapor barrier". Also note that it's NOT for use as a tile "backer board" in wet areas like a shower or tub.

    Personally--I'm confused as I have a hard time believing that you could make a true and effective vapor barrier under tile without using something like Kerdi.
  • lee_7
    lee_7 Member Posts: 458

    you would be better using the new mold/moisture resistant drywall that does not have any paper on it. It is reinforced with fiberglass. It is about $12 -$14 FOR 4X8 SHEET but well worth price. I had a piece left over and left outside to see how it worked with moisture. After two weeks of heavy rain ( about 4") it was still as strong and usable. Try that with regular drywall or greenboard. h
  • amhplumb_2
    amhplumb_2 Member Posts: 62
    You learn something new everyday!

    Mike T. & Lee, Thanks for the info & link on MR drywall. That will be my choice for sure, and our local building supply carries it! I still planned to use cement board around my tub. Fortunately there is only one exterior wall and the tub not is included! I'll use the traditional faced insulation. Once again, thanks for the help guys!
  • G-rott
    G-rott Member Posts: 14
    insulation unfaced-is it even a question?

    They don't put a kraft face on real insulation.

    Foam board, spray foam and spray foam...all good insulation none with a kraft face and staple tabs.

    Do yourself a favor and insulate this bathroom with one of these products. You house will love you for it.
  • amhwrite_3
    amhwrite_3 Member Posts: 3
    Spray Foam

    G-Rott, I would love to use spray foam, but I have only one wall that is 8'3" x 9'. I can't get anyone out to do that small of a job. I don't know where I can purchase large enough containers to do it myself. I used a gang of small cans sealing cracks and I sprayed a layer under my floor below the radient heat lines! I do agree that foam is the way to go!
  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
    Spray Foam

    A product called "tiger foam" might fit the bill. Essentially large scale DIY versions of those aerosol cans of spray foam. Pretty salty, but might be an option. I have not used this product myself, but may yet- any of the contractors I've contacted won't look at the small spaces I'd need to fill. good luck.
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