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zc and zr terminals

i just attended a taco semair and they did go over that ,i have used them (*ZR ZC) from a triple aqaustat relay to a taco taco multi circ relay to cycle the circ off on low limit ,i would go to the taco site and check out there wiring diagrams they have about every possible to use there controls but the zc zc terminals are only a switch and once the jumper is removed the circ will not operate ,it seems the ra832a has no isolated end switch a easy solution is to just get another taco sr501 and switch out the board it will fit right into the honeywell box and the taco cover will also fit or just upgrade them with the proper sized taco sr500 series expandable circ relay and make some money and open them up to some other opiotions like reset and the other plug in opitions peace and good luck clammy


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