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expertise wanted

realolman Member Posts: 513
Please take a look at this graph I made of my oil boiler / heating system temps this morning. Burnham V74... DHW coil not used.

It seems to me there should be much to gain from having this much info available. The purple line is the stack temp, red- boiler temp, there are two pumps... blue is one heating zone return , green the other. The green line is pumped by a B&G series 100 pump, the blue is a SLC 30. The black line at the bottom is the outdoor temp. The two heavy lines in the center have nothing to do with temp, but indicate whether or not the zone is calling for heat. If the zone is calling, there is a line.

I think the stack temp is too high, but what should I do? I have already downfired from a 1.10 gph nozzle to a .85 and lowered the stack temp by 100 degrees. I have a .65 I think I'll go put in this afternoon. While the burner only runs a few minutes, it's only off a few minutes too. What kind of heat load would it have to have to keep the stack temp down? It is set with an analyzer 5.5% O 11.6% Co2

You can see the temp drops of the zones, how long the boiler fires, how long it's off... Can you draw any conclusions about the heating system and the heat loss, the quantity of radiation, speed of pumping, quality of insulation... anything at all. Any observations anyone has would be appreciated.
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