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The Newestone!

That's what I thought. I enlarged the hole and was able to do this easily.


  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746

    most of us have seen this before. I'm sure the professor's class will enjoy these....

    I go this customer on a referral. I went out right when it turned cold here and some critters had been chewing through the flex duct in the crawl space. The landlord supposedly had the pest control people block off the holes the squirrels and rats had been getting through. I replaced the flex and suggested going with hard pipe.

    The tenant was complaining about lack of heat even though the furnasty never seemed to shut off. While she was talking to me, I set my Fluke 512 bead probe on a register and glanced at it while she was talking. The meter showed a temp of 85° as the highest (Gas Furnace)

    As I went under the house, I heard the gas burners shut off. Right as I got to the furnace, they restarted. Not good. I pulled the filter and it was nasty. I let the blower stop and stuck my hand in and checked the blades, but it wasn't that bad although it did need cleaning. "Okay," I thought to myself, "I have to get the snips and cut into the transition..."

    ON EDIT: There was another piece of flex torn up this time.
    ON EDIT2: Spelling errors, oh well.....
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746

    That was easy.
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    And this

    was what I got, in sheets
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746

    I got the temp up in the house, Before, she couldn't get it above about 65°, but getting the top layer off helped.

    I called the landlord and told him what needed to be done to do the job right along with a price. That was yesterday and I haven't heard from him yet.
  • don_156
    don_156 Member Posts: 87
    Any word?

    I was going to bet that he never calls.And then I thought
    well I better not..You just might find a diamond in the ruff,and then I looked at the pics again.....

    I"ll wage 50 dollars you dont hear from him.

  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    I win

    Buy 5 bricks for the Wall.

    He gave me the go-ahead and told me to install a VisionPro programmable thermostat. I do the work Thursday.

    I'll post the new pictures here.
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    Look better?

    Took about 90 minutes to do this in place, but it was less costly to the customer than pulling the coil to clean it outside (recovery, removal, cleaning, re-installation, braze/solder with a drier, evacuation, recharge, etc). I did find out the drain line was clogged.

    I cleaned the blower wheel also. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I was nearly burning up the air with "in-appropriate" language because it was difficult.

    A new filter and the system was nearly as good as new.
  • don_185
    don_185 Member Posts: 312
    I guess

    I guess, a bet is a bet however,I assume you were going to sell him a new coil and a seal duct system, along with a good filtration system to keep it from happening again.

    Oh well...nice job on getting that coil cleaned.

  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    New Socks?

    I bet you can make a new pair of socks from the felt you pulled off that evaporator coil.
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    Cat hair socks?

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