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007 for fishtanks?

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
tell him i have almost 4 miles of tubing running off a 0012. Are these air handlers 3/8" :) perhaps a 50 series grundfos is in order.. do you have 277/ 480?

wow! someone else said the same Thing :)) We on the same page or What? :)


  • mikea23
    mikea23 Member Posts: 224
    007 for Fish Tanks?

    I installed a 2 boiler system wm ultra oils we had a few problems on the job site the bigest was the mason taking water out of the system without telling anyone.I will try and post a few pics.

    The home has 10 AH with hw coils we piped prim secondary 007 ifc taco pumps to all AH none over 4 tuns. One radiant manifold with a 008 and bolth boiler pumps where 007 primary pump was 011. After 3 or 4 airbound zone calls and 4 burnt pumps I installed caps on all the drains. I also installed a hose bib below boiler header hoping the guy that keeps taking water will get it there.

    The GC calls me the other day yelling the system is all wrong my 007 are not big enough his other plumber tells him they are only good for fish tanks and called me every name under the sun. So just for a laugh I asked him what pumps would you like, he tells me 014 on the second floor AH and 009 on first floor. That is what his other plumber tells him and he has bin doing this before I was in diapers.Would it be wrong of me to tell him ok I will put them in but if it doesnt work he pays.And would it be wrong to call the other plumber and tell he should by a few of dans books read them then come back and tell me whats wrong.

    I hate it when people talk about thing they dont understand. Every day there is more and more BS in this business
    Mike A
  • Ray Landry_3
    Ray Landry_3 Member Posts: 94

    A 0014? What size line does this guy run? 1/4?? A 007, as many know quite often fits the bill for small/medium residential applications. Sounds like the typical knucklehead- over pump and over size. What are your gpm requirements for the coils? what is your head loss in the piping/coils?

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  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    C' mon now, I want to know how big the fishtank is...

    and what kind of fish he has in a tank big enough to need a 007...

    Can we swim in it?

  • Plumdog_2
    Plumdog_2 Member Posts: 873
    Pay No Attention to him

    I had a stone mason drain about 200 bucks worth of glycol solution to make mortar one time. The joke was on him when the big mossrocks started falling off the chimney. You will have to get used to incompetants and fools in this line of work. I forgot more about fishtanks than that guy will ever learn. I plumbed a refridgerated trout tank before he was a gleam in his daddie's eye; and there was no 007's anywhere. And the trout were happy and prospered.
  • sure

    If the customer want to pay ya to hook up to his fish tank... All the fishes will be buffed up...
  • sure

    If the customer want to pay ya to hook up to his fish tank... All the fishes will be buffed up...
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