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\"Gas\"? bubbles in the puddles

Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
hit again very badly, looks like the wonderful ole town of Keene may just float away. Feel bad for the people who have and are losing everything. :-(


  • Patchogue Phil_28
    Patchogue Phil_28 Member Posts: 32
    \"Gas\"? bubbles in the puddles

    All of Long Island and the East Coast knows it's been raining non-stop for 9 days.

    In front of my house and my neighbor's, there are bubbles coming up thru the asphalt cracks and the vast water puddles. Not liquid bubbles, some kind of "gaseous" bubbles.

    Neighbor called LIPA which sent a KeySpan guy out with a sniffer meter. He says it is not natural gas. Said his sniffer is tested every month. Said it must be air percolating up because of the rainwater.

    I would think that all the air would be out days ago since it has been pouring cats dogs and various farm animals the last 9 days.

    Or maybe Long Island is sinking?
  • Phil just curious

    how could he test when the bubbles came out of the water? All the test equipment I am familar with for testing gas cannot filter out water. Most of the time when bubbles come up there is a gas leak somewhere. The procedure for testing is to take a sample (WATER AND GAS) and do what is called a controlled burn test back in the gas company lab. This can be done very quiclkly and then a definite answer as to whether it is gas can be done.
  • Patchogue Phil_28
    Patchogue Phil_28 Member Posts: 32

    He had a meter with a wand that he pounded into the asphalt cracks.

    I asked him if he was confident enough in his meter to light the bubbles. He just laughed.

    I still do not think it was plain air. Around here if you dig down 4 feet you hit water (bay is less than 1/4 mile). After 9 days of heavy rain there couldn't be any air left in the soil anymore.

    Any suggestions on how to get this tested any differently?
  • None other

    than the water/gas sample trapped in a bottle and then attempt to burn off in the lab. This will at least prove it is a flammable product.
  • Patchogue Phil_28
    Patchogue Phil_28 Member Posts: 32

    won't do anything else.

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