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Brickset boilers

"How to get the Best from One-Pipe Steam", Frank Gerety refers to this type of boiler as a "thermal sieve" and recommends replacement. I can't find my copy at the moment, but maybe someone else who has this book can give some more specifics.


  • Joe_55
    Joe_55 Member Posts: 62
    Brick set Boilers

    Hi. All: Anyone out there familiar with brick set boilers
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    When used with oil or gas burners

    this type of boiler is very inefficient. The reason is that the brick setting has a lot of thermal mass and it takes a lot of fuel to heat up. These boilers were best used with the constant heat of a coal fire.

    Tell us more about this boiler- who made it, what it's being used for, etc.
  • Joe_55
    Joe_55 Member Posts: 62

    Thanks Steam Head: I'm not sure the maker but this boiler is heating a 35 family apartment house in the Bronx N.Y.with a #4 heavyoil burner steam radiation. works well just wondering about its efficiency Thanks JB.
  • c.t.kay
    c.t.kay Member Posts: 85

    about 40%-50% effc.there is not much you can do with them.most get replaced with scotch type boilers.at 35 units the size is about 70 hp.duel fuel 2@gas is a possibilty but remember the bronx is coedison territory,and has very low gas pressures +-4" at the building wall.you are better off putting in a carlin 702crd.
  • RonWHC
    RonWHC Member Posts: 232
    Increase the boiler

    efficiency by filling & capping the combustion chamber area & installing a flame retention burner, oil or gas-oil, thru the fire box door. Now you don't have to heat the fire brick on each start & off cycle heat losses are reduced. If, as most are, it is a fire tube boiler -install turbulators in the tubes. Install a properly sized barometic. Oh yeah, ditch the #4. Less than 5,000 btus per gallon more than #2 & more difficult to keep combustion in the window. A clean boiler more than makes up for btus vs cost per gallon in mid size units.

    Now, if the boiler is in reasonable shape, you are fairly close to what a newer cast iron sectional can give - efficiency wise. A viable alternative to replacement, for fewer $$$.
  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    I remember those. The floors would stay hot for days while we carried bricks "forever".

    Some memories are not welcomed back so easily. My back hurts now.
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