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Getting Bid-Work

joel_19 Member Posts: 931
Here's the secret . It's not who you know it's who knows you .You've been working for some time you must know people , old customers , supply houses , manufacterers reps and sales guys . They can all help you as you help them . Talk it up be visable , get good buisness cards , uniforms , nicly letered trucks etc . don't skimp to keep prices down on that stuff your only hurting yourself .Good network bulding takes time but it does have rewards.

Does it work ? you betcha we've been turning work away all summer we just had to kick it into high gear and have refused at least 6 jobs in the past couple of days .

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  • Keith_13
    Keith_13 Member Posts: 21
    Finding Bid-work

    Hey, guys. . . it's a little embarrassing to say, but my buddy and I have been working as a VERY small company for about 18 months now, and we've done a moderate amount of work installing and servicing boilers here in the NYC area. This summer we've been appallingly slow, and both of us have had to work jobs with other contractors. Now that the heating season is picking up for this year, I'd really like to never have to work for anyone else again (and I mean EVER), and that, of course, means grabbing summertime work, which in this area is the large amount of new home construction and large home renovation. The embarrassing question is. . . how do we get that work? I mean, it's almost too pathetic to even ask, but I'm really at a loss! I'd like to get in touch with high end homebuilders (we have superb references - our work is definitely quality and on the higher end of the price spectrum) and bid on new construction or complete renovations, but I really just don't even know where to start. I understand that we're all in business, and all competitors at heart, but I was hoping that you could shed some light on this sad, sorry situation.

    Thanks, guys.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Be careful what you

    wish for. New construction can be very cut throat. Often a GC will toss his loyal subs for a few bucks. Guess what happens after you're in...

    The top GC shop subs based on quality and reputation, and stick with them. It may take a while to break into the big game.

    Wholesale house send me a lot of referals, as well as manufactures.

    Try to find a niche, be different from the rest of the pack. You will get more attention that way.

    Be sure to crunch your numbers and charge accordingly. Don't be tempted into thinking you can charge a lot less than you competitors to get a foot in the door. Being a licensened, insured, well trained and equipted mechanic, these days, is an expensive undertaking.

    Good luck, make the step because you enjoy fixing and installing, let the customer see this and a clientele will soon develop.

    hot rod

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  • supersonicus
    supersonicus Member Posts: 3

    Join some civic organizations- get involved with your community. I can't tell you how many contacts I've made that way. Clean your self and equipment up - nobody likes a slob. Don't price yourself too low or you'll soon find yourself out of business and in serios debt. Stay away from the bottom feeder contractors as they'll pull you down with them. Good luck and hang in there- it'll come.
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