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ultra gas zones overheating

GhOsT FlOw....WOOOOOoooooo.....

Who ya gonna call, GHOST BUSTERS.

Or parallel flow. Has this always been a problem, or recently crop up?



  • Rob_25
    Rob_25 Member Posts: 20

    Anyone got an idea what would cause zones to over heat?
    The upstairs heat and downstairs. Thermostats are set for 50
    But ride to 70. The boiler is a w/m ultra 155 gas. The piping is 1 1/4 primary loop with a 3 speed grunfos cir on the pull. In the bottom of the primary under the primary cir is the dhw cir branching off on the push. Above the primary loop there are 3 zones that are on the pull making 5 total cirs in the system. No thermostats are calling and the argo control has nothing calling. The boiler itself makes the call for the primary cir to come on if any zone calls. If the DHW cir calls the primary cir shuts off. Is it possable that the force of the primary cir is forcing the checks open on the zone cirs when one zone calls? Oh and the checks are built in the cirs. Thermostats are level.
    boiler is 2 years old.
  • Rob_25
    Rob_25 Member Posts: 20

    That was the problem to start so I called in w/m Rep. Told me it was piped wrong by the last plumber. lol So I changed the piping from 1" to 1 1/4" to the way the book said. The only thing I had to do was put the cirs in with flows built in because the old ones didn't fit where I wanted them to
  • Nron_13
    Nron_13 Member Posts: 164

    Take a look at the atricles from John Siegenthaler at Pm mag on line or at his web site hpdronic pros , there is something missing in the drawing that are in these manuals
    , make sure the right thermostats are operatiing the right zones , commen problem to mix these up , let us know what you find
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