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Ford truck auto start

Matt Undy
Matt Undy Member Posts: 256
Would pulling the battery long enough for the auto start to lose power and reset cause immediate healing? Or the fuse for the circuit that the remote start is on.

I've always thought a block heater that heats the coolant is much more economical solution and is better for the engine...


  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
    Ford truck auto start

    A little off topic but it was driving us crazy and thought if we could save one other company from going loopy.
    We have a 2002 Ford explorer sportrac that we use for running parts delivering bulky ductwork etc as well as estimates. THis truck as well as many of our other trucks has a dealer installed AutoStart. As time has gone by there has been an ever increasing occurance where the truck failed to even start. Time of day, Outdoor temp etc did not add intothe equation. Bottom line after several trips and lots of $$ it was finally figured out by our own staff here. IF you try to do an auto start while one particular cell phone is plugged into the cig lite outlet for charge, it will cause the truck not to start. Even after removing the phone, the truck will take several days to "mend" itself, then it will start with no problem for quite a long period of time!. charging the phone after the truck starts has no effect. Other phones have no effect if left to charge on the same charger cord. Its only the one phone!
    Put this out here for you to see that its not always the obvious causing little problems. Like the time I had zone valves causing TV interference. wasn't the zone valves after all, only when there was a call for heat. It ended up being the 24v 40va transformer! always think outside the box as well as inside.
    Good luck
  • another f.o.r.d. !

    Another Found On Roadside Dead !
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