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whats broken?

WeezboWeezbo Posts: 6,232Member
perhaps your vent is blocked by something...? maybe?


  • coreycorey Posts: 15Member
    whats broken?

    My house is not cold but every zone is calling for heat. My hwt(heated by boiler)is luke warm . My mixing valve won't go above 120. My guess is either the mixing valve is stuck or the circ pump above it isn't working rite. I'm hoping for some educated guess or suggestions so I don't replace the wrong part. Thanks for any help.
  • bob youngbob young Posts: 2,175Member

    try checking or adjusting the aquastat
  • coreycorey Posts: 15Member

    the boiler seems to be cycling properly off about 180-185...It has its own circ pump looping the water then its pulled from that loop thru the mixing valve and pushed out to the zones.I've added a pic of the panel for clarafication
  • WeezboWeezbo Posts: 6,232Member
    my thought is...

    :) it is power to the circ.

    you might try changing the speed switch on the circ pump... or ge a screwdriver ,turn off the power, open the air /water screw on the circ. turn the power back on...

    change the speed switch listen for tone changes on the circ...if none,and no water leaks out the screw, remove the screw entirely..turn the power off again..take a skinny screw driver and push the shaft of the impeller in an 1/8Th of an inch...maybe it is stuck...or isnt spinning the impeller...might be a capacitor...might want to check that too... i am real sleepy..i already passed out sitting in the hard wood chair..sorry bout that..been bit stressed lately..if you try this real quick..i will go get another cup of coffee...:) thats it :) more Coffee!

    it is a really good thing that i woke up to help you...that piece of chicken was baked!:))

    i think maybe my dog is considering "how can i get that piece of chicken he put in the stove?"...then hit on the idea to be real quiet and let me pass out from exhaustion..:) then wake me up when he figures its Perfect for him:)
  • coreycorey Posts: 15Member

    Eureka! I think..... I turned it off and checked the filter(catch screen on inlet to boiler)it was packed.Emptied it and flushed the pipe out, put it back together, bled the air and my temps went up(on the mixing valve) and even tho most of my zones were calling for heat it was also heating the hwt. Hopefully that was all it needed.

    Just goes to back up my dads method of fixing things... "take it apart and put it back together... most of the time it works again"
    Tho I think his method probably worked cause he cleaned oiled and checked for things not where they should be.
  • WeezboWeezbo Posts: 6,232Member
    Great ! *~/:)

    I like strainers :)

    i am considering an old idea along the same line,you over size the return header ,come back up and flat to the any and every thing lays in the fat header...then draining it down is a snap...and so is cleaning the boiler...
  • Steve Steve Posts: 1Member
    Ideal Minimiser SE 60

    I have the above boiler. After last nights gales the burner must have blown out. This morning I've no heating. I've turned the power supply off and restatrted the bolier is per instructions but no joy.
    Any ideas?
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