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Mystery hot water thief!

Mike.C Member Posts: 43
Lines are about a foot under the 5" slab.
Recirc was running 24/7 so we set a timer.
We also noticed a small flow through the tank so dropped in a Taco 219 flow check.
Waiting for customer input now.


  • Mike.C
    Mike.C Member Posts: 43
    Where is it going?

    Ok I have a GB142 and a Amtrol Boiler mate indirect tank that is loosing hot water. Where is it going? It has a recirc pump which I have disconnected because I seem to be loosing more than normal. Amtrol states 1 degree per hour of heat loss in tank. there is a solar indirect tank and is plumbed in series with the Amtrol. With no water use in the house it is loosing heat. there is a mixing valve for the domestic as the solar has the possibility to heat above 120.
    Any more questions I'll be glad to answer if I can.
    Thanks Mike.
  • mark schofield
    mark schofield Member Posts: 153
    back to the solar ?

    possibly if the solar tank is cold because of no sun for a few days, could the hot water from the Amtrol be circulating its self back to the solar tank ?
  • Joe@buderus_2
    Joe@buderus_2 Member Posts: 302
    Hot water

    Simple test - When no hot water has been run for awhile, feel the domestic hot water output pipe. Is it warm? Are the pipes insulated? Is there a thermal trap piped in on the DHW output? Is this a low temperature radiant system and on a heat call, unwanted flow through the tank zone? Just some ideas to start.
  • Bill Nye_2
    Bill Nye_2 Member Posts: 538
    How old?

    How old is the amtrol? Is the tank warm to the touch or is it room temperature? The inner tanks in the older tanks would spring a leak and the insulation became saturated with water.

    Or else I would look for a washing machine valve , laundry sink, toilet tempering valve, shower valve , etc. that might be cross connected. Or a leak under the slab?
  • David Woycio
    David Woycio Member Posts: 107

    We usually have found that the check on the cold side of mixer causes this. When we plumb with a mixing valve and check we always install ball valve to isolate and test mixer/check. Pull the handle so no one can tamper when done or someone will be lobster broil.

    FYI when using solar controls that use the bottom of storage tank sensor as high limit you may need additional HL to sense top of tank and kill solar heating. Tall skinny tanks are main culprits.
  • Mike.C
    Mike.C Member Posts: 43

    brand new tank. we were thinking possibly a leak.
    So many domestic water calls boiler cannot keep up with house when it gets cold out.
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    How many baths

    " So many domestic water calls boiler cannot keep up with house when it gets cold out. "

    Are you loosing hot water or can not keep up with it ??

    How many bathrooms off the Amtrol ? Did you say a 40 Amtrol ? Amtrol is not my favorite indirect,, how long has it been in for ? Do you have well water ? Coil plugged allready ?

    How is the Amtrol controled by the GB ??

    By the way have you turned off the solar tank so its not sucking heat out of the Amtrol ?


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  • hvac-tech
    hvac-tech Member Posts: 36

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