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YO!! ME! Here it comes again!!

His given name is John Hickenlooper. My name for him is Opie Chickenpooper.

Can you tell why??? ;-)



  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Hope you got

    your snow-melt workin'!!

    Looks like you folks in Colorado are in for another storm.

    Be safe!

    Mark H

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  • Get outa Denver baby GO, GO (Bob Sieger)

    My Daughter came in from Tuscon last Sunday, and is scheduled to fly out this Friday...Maybe...

    I have found a solution. All we need is a year and a BUNCH of money...

    I'm sure our neighbors to the north are aware of these machines, but I'd never heard of one until the mayor of Denver (Mayor Opie Hickenlooper) mentioned it last night during an interview.


    Nearly 100% efficient..

    Gotta go sharpen my snow shovel...

  • brucewo1b
    brucewo1b Member Posts: 638
    Those are nice Mark,

    they haave been in use in NYC for years only way to rid of snow in tight quaters
  • brucewo1b
    brucewo1b Member Posts: 638
    Those are nice Mark,

    they haave been in use in NYC for years only way to rid of snow in tight quaters, Maybe Dan could do a book on snow removal in NYC you know the Golden Era until now;-)
  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,393
    Mayor Opie Hickenlooper???

    You cannot make that up, can you? We have Thomas "Mumbles" Menino... wanna trade? :)

    After Scott Milne installed his snow melting path system it was inevitable that we would have no white stuff in sight.... you on the other hand, yes, go sharpen that shovel, watch the ticker and your health in general.

    Take care,

    "If you do not know the answer, say, "I do not know the answer", and you will be correct!"

    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    From the last one

    Pop up camping in the snow...
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    I think....

    I'd rather shovel !

    Camping in the warm, barely acceptable and the band better be good. Camping in the winter....Only in front of the boob tube waiting for no heat calls.

    Just not MY cup O' tea. Chris
  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322

    What's the snow load rating on the roof of that camper? :)
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    Not my camper

    But a VERY good question. I'll email Mike and ask.

    He bought the camper when he lived in the Denver (?) area and it came without the roof air conditioner. When he moved to Georgia, he discovered the necessity of an AC, and installed one himself.

    I may send him a link to this thread.
  • 3 to 4 feet...

    Guess I better get busy and develop my personal snowmelting system...

  • All done....

    Here's my new personal snow melting system. It has a 15 KW gas powered generator on top, a 10 KW electric boiler/mechanical package on back, and a 4' X 8' 1/4" aluminum sheet with 4" X 4' extruded alumnum heat transmission plates mechanically bonded. The black hoses make the connection from the boiler to the hot plate. I am delivering 1,000 btu's per square foot per hour.

    I eventualy plan to do some waste heat recovery off of the exhaust gasses from the skid steer load, but didn't have time to do that in the shop today...

    After running it all day today, I'm kinda wish I had put some track on the floor boards of the Bobcat and maybe under the seat...;-)

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