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Walk-in Cooler

Has what you need. Go to and click literature. Go to txv's and find bulliten 10-11. It has a picture of evap below comp. You should be able to print and show how the txv bulb should be installed.

My question is it a quick connect system? No brazing required? If it is most installers don't worry about piping issues because it is connect and forget! I have seen too many installs of refrigeration without low ambient controls or proper piping because they sold it for the low ball customer that did not know any better.

Still do not know why the ice maker manufacturers have quick connect line sets, but detailed instructions on proper piping that most won't bother with because it is "connect and forget, you don't need to know how or what you are doing. We just want to sell boxes"

Let us know how the education is going!

Don in Mo


  • Fast5Frog_2Fast5Frog_2 Member Posts: 5
    US Cooler

    Hey guys, quick question here. A friend of mine is opening a pizza joint up and is having 2 walk-in coolers installed. The problem is the condenser is above on the roof and they did not put in a oil trap at the evaporator. I only do residential, so I am not 100% sure if this is correct or not. Can someone tell me if it needs a trap, and if so can you send me a link to a diagram so I can show him please. Thanks alot guys!
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144
    Oil traps

    Which freon are you using? How much distance between evap & cond on roof?You should be using a temp control and a liquid line solenoid ! What kind of "head pressure " control are you using?
  • Fast5Frog_2Fast5Frog_2 Member Posts: 5

    Like I said I'm not installing it. I was just over there helping with something else an noticed the line came straight down into the ports. My understanding with a condenser above is that you need some sort of oil trap at the evaporator down below. The distance is only about 12' I would guess, and as far as the other stuff you mentioned I didn't notice much more than they did have solenoids on the liquid lines.
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144
    Hay Frog

    All other things aside,then a trap would be required,to keep any "excess"oil away from the TXV thermal bulb.
  • Fast5Frog_2Fast5Frog_2 Member Posts: 5

    Ok, thats what I thought. Thanks alot. Do you have any links to a diagram of how that should be, so when and if he shows the contractor he has something to show them that it is needed? BTW, in the US Cooler install papers, they had nothing explaining how the system should be installed and he said when he called them they wouldn't give him any info. Anyway, thanks again..
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