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Replacing a water cooled condensor

when working on the trane unit in the computer room, there are three units in this room, I found one completely out of gas checking it out I could not find a leak until I took the union off at the water regulating valve and stuck my leak detector in it. Yep, the leak is in the water side of the condensor.

Now I have to put a bid on this job to repalce it. I would just tell them to replace the unit but there is no way of getting this unit out of the ceiling. The trades put there cable racks under the unit and sprikler lines too. No one care about the service guy.

Anyway, tomarrow I have to go back and take a megaohm reading to see if there is any sign of water in the compressor. I shut the water off to the unit after I drained it and left a vapor charge of nitegen and R-22 in it.

I was thinking if the unit checks out okay and I did the job I would do a Triple evacvuation change the dryer three times put a sight glass and valve before the dryer to pump it down to change the dryers. Put one charge in run it and then take the charge back out after about an hour put a clean charge and dryer ( number two of the three ) and then come back a day later megaohm test it and change the dryer again if needed I have figure 20 hour for the job letting the vaccum run over night. I was wondering if you would do anything else to insure a clean system. By the way I told them I could not warrenty the compressor because of the potential water damage.


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343

    Seems like you are on the right track. Mege-Ohm meters will only tell you what the condition of the compressor windings are. Water has no bearing on your reading, but its good to perform this test anyway. Make sure you add into your bid replacement of the water reg. valve and sosme flex hoses.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    hard one

    That is a hard one i think for me iwouldn't risk futher containmation .Do you have a moisture teaer total line has a nice liitle deal you attach to the sharder and just bled past a indicator .I would do the liquid line and suction line dryer ,nitrogen blow through the evap before hand and if the unit was out of gas completly i would change the compressor also or if you got luck like me you'de be back later doing it .After a 24 hour run time i would pump her down and remove the suction dryer and throw another new liquid dryer triple vacume her with a micron gauge and then charge and check your pressure for indication of futher contaimation peace and good luck clammy
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  • don_163
    don_163 Member Posts: 67
    all great

    replys..however depending on age and if water is on the refrig side then no way would I tackle a losing battle.

    The route you are taking will only buy them time nothing more and it will be you that will most likely lose what little profit you made on the job.

    Sell,sell,sell...you properly hear this a lot from the boss but and this case, it would be far better to be a salesman then to be a tech.

    Good luck.

  • larry_15
    larry_15 Member Posts: 55

    Thanks guy you have been a great resource to come to. I gave them the bid and it looks like they got someone cheaper you win some you loose some but in this case I think I really won.

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