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Why are my Virgin Jobs Always a Challenge?

Only way for "proper" central A/C on my ground floor. $$$$ and hours on top of hours...

High velocity.

Rigid central vacuum tube for the supplies that have to run cross-joist. True spiral ducts and beautiful non-gored fittings for the mains.

Central vac coupling does work with the Unico takeoffs. Reasonable amount of duct mastic, plus three screws and it's very air-tight.

Still do like bubble-foil for insulation in conditioned space. Unico insulation instructions are VERY picky--believe this follows the spirit and letter for an unusual application.


  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928
    Who Makes Archival Prints from Digitals?

    WILL hang this photo in my house.
  • Joe_30
    Joe_30 Member Posts: 85
    Nice Piping!

    Is sound muffling lost with rigid pipe? or,
    Did you use some feet of ribbed fiberglass [or whatever it is] before the outlets?
    And, would you recommend your solid pipe as well for vertical runs from attic--down through 2nd floor closets--to 1st floor ceiling outlets?

    [I am just cranking up to try unico system]. joe
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    Am following the suggestion of Unico company engineers. Will use at least 3' of sound-attenuating tube at the end of each rigid pipe.

    The rigid certainly costs less than Unico piping and they tell me it works well. Can't see any harm if you have access to run the rigid pipe. Don't believe it would be a good idea to use the central vac tubing 90s as they're VERY short radius.
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928
    Found a Service

    Campbell Photographic Arts in Eugene, OR.

    Using their "fast track" service. Color profile for desired paper on their printer is a VERY close match to my monitor profile so color should be great.
  • J Matthers_2
    J Matthers_2 Member Posts: 140

    I have a central vac system wherin the hose is housed in the tubes. Neat system. The 90's are all wide radius sweeps to accomodate the hose. My local electric supply house owner strted building these systems and I agreed to be a guiny pig. The sweeps must be avalable from the tubing manufacturer. I'll ask if you would like. I have Unico as well. Wish I had thought of that. I did use the vac tube in one very tight area I couldn't get the flex into.
  • Joe_30
    Joe_30 Member Posts: 85

    Yup, I'd like to know the source of those.
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928
    More Photos

    The core of the sound attenuation tube is not air-tight.

    Seal the outer aluminum and let the internal fiberglass damp the vibration occurring at the outlet?

    And yes, the first branch was taken before 3' of main — 2'4"
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