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I'm getting creative again...

So I have a window AC unit in my bedroom, and no matter what I set the temperature at the wife and I wake up freezing in th emiddle of the night and turn it off,.. then we wake up hot,... the unit is back on. This continues to the point where I get this idea.

Use a standard heating circulator relay with 1 & 2 connected to a plug for the wall outlet, the plug to the AC unit to the circulator terminal (keeping the nuetrals all in order), and run TT terminals to a digital thermostat I can just sit on a piece of furniture across the room.

Am I crazy?

- Norm


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    The visual...

    Your idea will work and the thought of all the wires brings back memories and a smile to my face. You'll have to be careful with the wiring of course, and be sure to keep the thermostat on the air conditioner all the way to the coolest setting. Hmmmm... A thermostatically controlled wall outlet.

    When I was much younger, about 7 years old, I needed to come up with something for the school science fair. My father, a design specialist with a very strong electrical background, began teaching me electricity and other things mechanical since I could barely walk. When it came time for science fairs, while other parents were scrambling to come up with something interesting for their kids, I was on my own, at least from the brainstorming point of view.

    I sat for days laying out this elaborate electrical circuit (as eleborate as a 7-year old can be) and, after a period of time, ran it past my old man. He sat, looked, scratched his chin and, after what seemed to be an eternity, told me that my idea would work.

    He went on to say that we had something in the house that closely resembled what I had conceptualized. He grabbed a flahlight and placed it in my hand. I looked at the flashlight and then back at dad and began to smile. I used that experiment but, instead of turning in the flaslight as my project, we (my dad and I) constructed the circuitry on a nicely finished square board with the slogan, "TRY IT, YOU'LL LIGHT IT!"

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