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burnham conversion

Pat Clark_2Pat Clark_2 Posts: 102Member
Back in the seventies when they (the Gas Co) were selling and installing Economite burners, I don't recall any problems installing them on Burnhams, Weil McLain, Crane, Peerless, Utica, etc etc.

Hmmmmmmmm, times have changed.

Pat Clark


  • mr edmr ed Posts: 26Member
    burnham conversion

    Hi everyone, we're having an issue with our local Nat Gas utility re:approval and hook up of gas supply to a converted Burnham oil fired boiler ( from oil to natural). The gas supplier is stating we must have written approval from Burnham Company that states the conversion is acceptable and this must be affixed to the unit before gas supply will be turned on. Our contacts with Burnham Company through the district rep ( Alaska ) have so far shut us down and are not granting a provision for conversion.
    I was hoping someone else has already dealt with this problem and might have an answer. Any info is greatly appreciated. Ed Boots, Alaska Goldstar Plumbing & Heating
  • WeezboWeezbo Posts: 6,232Member
    That sounds sorta different... i have installed new oil boilers

    with gas burners...what was the thrust of their objection? we have put oil burners in and are waiting for gas to show up to convert them with new riello gas guns.....Burnham has been here a while on the scene it a particularily old system? is it a make up air requirement ? venting? clearances? combustion chamber ?
  • tim smithtim smith Posts: 2,299Member
    Oil to gas Burnham

    Unless the boiler is rated for gas and or oil they won't allow it. Mainly because of the excess backpressure in heat exchanger i would think. Good luck, Tim
  • mr edmr ed Posts: 26Member

    Not sure of the specifics. It's a job one of our plumbers is dealing with and getting the runaround from the gas supplier. The feild tech responsible for our area (from gas company) has shut this job down yet the tech for another area supposedly didn't know about this 'new' code. Until we get more solid info we're not bidding any more conversions. Thanks again everyone for the input. - Ed
  • Ed

    The reasons involve the fact that we have not certified any of the residential oil-fired boilers for operation with gas burners. This is not to say that they would not work, it just has to do with us already having so many different dedicated gas-fired boilers that are certified and approved. Back in the old days plenty of gas utilities converted these with conversion burners. The safety devices that are required on gas boilers are different or not included with todays oil boilers. Its more than just the conversion burner. It is proper safety devices, testing and most importantly certification with the fuel it is intended to burn. On the other hand, most of our pressure-fired commercial boilers are in fact tested and certified for oil, gas and/or both.They meet the various certification and insurance standards that are necessary. Hope this helps.
  • mr edmr ed Posts: 26Member

    Thank you for the reply Glen, I will relay it to our crew.-Ed
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