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60deek60deek Member Posts: 3
I grew up in a steam household in PA. My dad seemed to have that system working like a finely tuned foward a few years and a girlfriend who has a huge old victorian single pipe steam system in northwestern NJ that can wake the dead! I'm no expert by any means, but I do know that it's a mess....water coming out of several vents...gurgling radiators...lots of banging. The boiler seems good enough....I'm guessing it's less than 20 yrs old...wiel/ mcclain gold....I'm thinking the whole system needs to be re-worked. I'll post pictures of the piping at the furnace later. What I really need is a contractor who is experienced with this type of system in the northwestern nj....eastern pa area who could take a look and give us an idea of what we're looking at. a few things....the area has really hard water, I know a few of the rads need to be shimmed, but are super heavy...probably oversized for a few rooms.....besides the house being old, no insulation, and not the best windows (storms on most) I still think she's paying more for heating than she should be. So if you're a plumber in the area who works with steam or know of a good one....drop me a note!...Thanks


Joe T


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