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Steam Boiler Make-up Water

I've seen lots of information about "too much" make-up water causing pre-mature steam boiler corrosion from the oxygen in the water. Can anyone tell me what is "too much"? I know water usage will vary with boiler size and climate (and leaks of course), but certainly a given boiler can tolerate a certain amount of water replacement cycles per season, regardless of size and weather. Any guidelines here?

I have a 13 gallon boiler that has to add about 2-3 gallons per week in the winter. Is that okay? I don't see any leaks anywhere and the vents are working fine.

Similarly, I see lots of information about "too much" chloride in the make-up water causing excessive corrosion. What is "too much"? My water supply comes from municipal wells that have about 140 ppm of chloride and 50 ppm of sodium. Is that okay?

I'm asking because I'm about to buy my 4th steam boiler in 17 years. Very expensive.
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