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Weil McLain vent pipe freezing side wall

heatheadheathead Member Posts: 42
Weil McLain gv4 series 2 boiler. Side wall termination intake freezing. This direct vents out 3 inch PVC. Has their side wall cover. Intake and exhaust flat plate intake through sides and exhaust out hole. Their no condensation drain near the boiler vent pipes or from bottom of boiler. This is main problem I can get over. Some manual says it stays over 130 to reduce condensation, but isn't their still some condensate that needs to drain. I am helping out over phone and this doesn't seam right. Altitude is 4850. Any boiler experts in Bozeman MT for service? Any thoughts about the gv4 series 2 not having condensate drain. They are new to the house this year. I am worried about no drain hooked up, possible co leaking from drain port if not hooked up. Thanks for thoughts


  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,765
    Well first of all that boiler

    is required to use AL-294C stainless steel for venting and it does require a condensate tubing of the bottom of the boiler to a drain.

    This is a Category III boiler which means it is not designed to be a condensing boiler but may have condensate in the vent and that requires being addressed.

    Now here is the real issue a lot of those Series 2 units used a plastic vent either Plexco Plexvent or Hart & Cooley Ultravent one is a gray plastic pipe the other a black plastic pipe with see through (translucent) fitting. Both of those plastic vents are now a code violation and had a recall back about 15 years ago or so and they need to be removed and replaced with stainless steel AL-294C venting.

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