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Wanted - Gas burner gun for 125k input

Looking to switch to gas from oil, boiler is a Trianco, 125k range will work plus or minus 20k. What do you have?



Also - I'm a full time auto mechanic, so if your work truck needs brakes or other repair I'll gladly trade.



  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,668

    Are you planning to install this yourself? Do you have a combustion analyzer? How do you plan to alter to the venting?
    - Joe Starosielec
  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 10,942
    I wasn't aware

    Trianco marketed oil boilers in this country. What model is yours?
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  • Matt_ConnollyMatt_Connolly Member Posts: 14
    Yes, I am, and Yes, they do.

    I have access to an analyzer and I have seen other boilers identical to mine on other jobs. But really all I want is a gas fired burner gun! I'll buy a new one if needed, but I'd rather buy one from a guy who pulled one from a job or has an extra one.
  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,668

    Where are you located? We often have spare burners around the shop.
    - Joe Starosielec
  • Matt_ConnollyMatt_Connolly Member Posts: 14
    Near Allentown, PA

    Bethlehem, in fact. An hour north of Philly, a bit more than that west of NYC. Let me know what you have.

  • Matt_ConnollyMatt_Connolly Member Posts: 14
    Model is a HC 145

    And the flange is the standard 3" size. Looking for a gun to fit in there for the conversion. It's getting cold and I can't go back to oil - the tank is too old and can't be changed since the house has been modified since the installation and there's no way to get the old tank out or get a new one in.
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