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3/4" gas pip reduces to 1/2" pipe and gas turned off

pmazzapmazza Member Posts: 1
Help! Our gas company came to turn our gas on after we turned it off while traveling. They will not turn it on as they indicate our hot water heater line reduces to 1/2" and we must change it to a proper 3/4" line.

Our hot water heater will only accept a 1/2" line and that is pretty standard. Can we not go from a 3/4" pipe to a 1/2" pipe for our hot water heater?


  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Gas pipe sizing

    depends on the BTU rating of the appliance and the length of pipe between the appliance and the meter.  If there are other appliances (stove, oven, etc.) hooked up it gets a tad more complex.

    More info about your system?
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