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Automatic air vent operation - is this normal?

My boiler has an indirect tank which has an automatic air vent and a second automatic air vent on a tiny tank between the diverter valve and the expansion tank. Both air valves have precipitation on them and are moist most of the time. The system is losing water treatment chemical solution at about a liter every quarter. For years it did not loose any fluid. I changed the air vent on the indirect tank about a year ago and the new vent is nasty looking now. What gives?

Is the concentration of water treatment chemical too high? How can I test the concentration?

The pipe is mostly copper and the boiler is aluminum. The convectors are a mix of steel and copper. Therefore, the water treatment chemical has corrosion inhibitor properties.

The diverter valve gunked up last year which made it stick, and I had to drain the system to replace the core. I could have just cleaned the core as there was no damage to it.


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