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wayne burner p265f

I have a Weil Mclain sgo4 steam boiler with a data plate input of 144,000 btus. It has been converted to gas with a Wayne p265f bb conversion gun. The original Becket oil gun had a nozzle that burned 1.25 gph. The Wayne manual ( attached below) on page 5 gives instruction on how to size the gas orifice. We drilled it to the 144000 btu input from the data plate on the boiler. I have an hour meter and now that it has gotten cold the boiler runs a lot longer than in past years for the same outdoor temps. it seems like it is under-fired. After re reading the manual I think we need to redrill the orifice based on the original oil nozzle size. Page 5 in the manual shows for a 1.25gph ( original nozzle size) x 144000 for an input of 175000 btu. The manual says to size the orifice based on the gph of the oil nozzle. Does anyone agree with my understanding of the manual. It is currently drilled with a #2 bit and want to redrill with a letter c bit. we have clocked the meter and the boiler is burning just about 145000btus.



  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,779
    First of all was

    a heat loss done on the property before changing the burner? How many square feet of radiation do you have. What is the outlet gas pressure from the gas valve? Was a combustion test done to determine the required maximum firing rate having been reached on the boiler?

    The P265 Wayne Gas Burner by the way sometimes has problems firing over 150,000 BTU's as far as combustion adjustment.

    It just may be that the original 1.25 nozzle was sized not just for heating but to also cover a tankless domestic water heater provision for BTU's.
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