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  • Any input on my first question?
  • Hi Guys, two things; 1. How do I tactfully request a re-piping job from the contractor? Do I tell them that HVACNUT on the Heating Help forum says it wrong? What do you all think I can expect in response? What would your response be if you had done…
  • The directional arrow on the pump points at the floor. Good thing he gave you 5 years P&L. I think you might need it. HVACNUT, will you elaborate on your comment?
  • Went with the Carrier - best warranty of all quotes. What about my NBP? It seems like we are pumping away from the EX tank but the air eliminator? Should it be on the hot side? When the tech fired it up, all my baseboards got warm within 10 minutes…
  • The contractor said it is made by Utica. It is sold with a 20Y heat exchanger warranty, a 10Y parts and I'll get a 5Y labor from the contractor. This warranty package seems pretty good compared to most others. Oddly enough, another company gave an …
  • Still getting estimates and many different choices of boiler. How about opinions on a Carrier BWB cast iron boiler as a replacement?
  • 1950s the flue probably has a clay liner. If it's an interior chimney in good condition you may not need a liner Yes the chimney is interior and has orange tile sections that are all intact. The brick portion on the roof was tuck pointed…
  • You know what, neither contractor mentioned or priced a chimney liner. What is the reason for lining it if the current boiler is exhausting properly out of the chimney? I think through the wall is a no-go because the boiler and water heater are in…
  • I guess I'm not too keen on cutting holes in my roof for the air and exhaust pipes. Also, it seems like you get a longer warranty with a conventional cast iron boiler.


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