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Anybody see this !!

Murph'_4 Member Posts: 209
Last day to sign up for October 1st start-up , after that it is a three month wait!! Of course the politicians are exempt from these rules, but it’s a start !! go to; and follow directions with e-mail conformation only takes a few minutes…………alrighty then.



  • What we need now is...

    a law to stop popups, spamming and other nuisances that keep coming on our computers.

    Hackers and virus producers should do some serious time with out access to computers (sort of a withdrawl if you would).

    Sorry but with all my security on my system some still get in.

    The worst of all is the filth and porn advertisements that have somehow gotten in with all the security that is supposed to keep them out.

    People having to change e-mail adresses and other such actions to try to escape these crooks it is a real shame.

    A USA Today report I was reading while staying at a hotel recently stated that last year interference of all sorts on computers cost industry 10 billion dollars. There outa be a law!!!
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928
    Agreed--sort of...

    But it is a free country where some might actually like the popups and appreciate the spam.

    What should be done is a law that if you ask to removed from a spam list you actually ARE removed. Many such "removal" links actually verify that your address is "good" and result in even more unwanted mail.

    Since I installed the latest version of Norton with "pop-up blocker" I haven't seen a single pop-up ad.

    Since the "SoBig" worm hit a couple of weeks ago the volume of spam I receive has been reduced nearly ten-fold!

    I don't know if these two are related and even if they are such is NOT the "right" way to fix the problem, but I DO hope it managed to utterly corrupt mass-mailing (smammer) databases and overload their systems such that THEY now have to spend millions to fix things...
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