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Any opinions on Burnham's Baseray?

Kynn Jones
Kynn Jones Member Posts: 4
I have some bulky radiators that are a major obstacle in my renovation plans. Until recently it was my understanding that for my building's heating system (1-pipe steam) I was basically stuck with bulky radiators (unless I could persuade the 50+ other owners to change the entire heating system for the whole building altogether--an unlikely proposition). I just learned, however, about a type of cast-iron radiator made by Burnham called Baseray ( that is much smaller than the radiator I have, and would be ideal for me. Does anybody here have any experience and/or opinion on this type of radiator? Can I replace the radiators in my apartment with Baserays without affecting the rest of the building's heating system?

Thank you for your thoughts,



  • John@Reliable_3
    [email protected]_3 Member Posts: 20
    Hide the radiator!

    No easy answer to your question. One average radiator is worth 50 sq. feet of steam. Using Base ray you would need roughly 15 feet of it to equal one radiator. You know your layout better than I, if you have the room and the right installer anything is possible. Maybe a better idea would be to sand blast and power coat the existing radiator and “showcase” it in a bright color as art, or with a color to match it to wall behind it and hide it. Be careful with any work on your system, afterwards any problems with other apts. in building will most likely be your burden. Hope this helps [email protected]
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,026
    I agree

    keep the radiators. Unless the length is less than 4 feet or so, Baseray must be installed with two pipes rather than one. This would alter the economics radically.

    If you strip and powder-coat the radiators as John suggests, they will look realy nice!

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