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oil line sizing for wgo2 + oil fired water tank?

ron Member Posts: 222
edited March 29 in Oil Heating
Have a 275 gal oil tank I am going to be replacing, current setup is 1/2" oil line from top of tank that goes to an old burnham oil boiler and to a Bock oil fired water heater. Water heater not more than 60 gallon I think. The old burnham tankless thing that did potable hot water, was capped off years ago, just does the hydronic baseboard single zone heat now; there was never enough shower hot water so the Bock oil fired hot water tank was put in. The bock, or brock, hot water tank has it's own beckett oil burner.

Question:: there is a return line to the tank... I can't remember if from just the oil boiler or the bock water heater as as well. Having two burners being fed, is a return line actually needed?

Or can the 275 oil tank be replaced and just a single 1/2" oil line be run from the bottom of the new tank and then have that line T and feed both units?

The basement is 33' x 23', with the vertical 275g oil tank on basement floor about 10' away from the burners; tank is in the corner and the boiler is in the center.

First step is replace oil tank and then get existing boiler and oil fired water heater fed until those are replaced. Thinking of going with a WGO2 and matching indirect 40 gallon water tank unless someone can sell me on a better setup. Single level ranch, single zone, full size unfinished basement with complete access. Thanks.


  • Jon_blaney
    Jon_blaney Member Posts: 275
    Should work fine. No return line needed for your set up.
  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 1,898
    Have the tank properly pitch down toward the bottom valve . Instal a filter at the tank . 13"legs on the far side and 12"legs on the valve side would give you the 1/4" pitch to drain off any water . The larger legs gives you enough room for a filter without a trap . Gravity feed the oil line to the burners . !0' is not far , depends on the total BTU input for line size .
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • ron
    ron Member Posts: 222
    edited March 29
    added pic in original post.

    i plan on doing a General 1A-25B off the tank followed immediately by a Garber spin on, then run new line from tank to existing setup that's practical that'll work in the future when I do the boiler replacement. Want as clean and simple an installation as possible.

    Is there a code or legality for how close to the oil tank a new cast iron boiler can be located to it in the basement ?

    If possible... with the tank in the far left corner of the basement I want locate the new boiler more to the left rather than in the center of the basement to reclaim space, and also have more access to the chimney which will eventually need some work. So kinda as close to the oil tank as I can put a new boiler the better for me.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 12,157

    I would use the 3/8" od copper oil line with the orange plastic protection on it.

    If you feed from the bottom of the tank and just use both burners on a one pipe system the only oil going through the new oil line will be the flowrate of the burner nozzles.

    That is probably less that 2 gallons/hour so there is no need for 1/2" od coppertubing and you need the plastic protection on the oil lines.

    As an alternative you might consider a an indirect water heater instead of the oil fired tank. Plenty of hot water and less $$$$$$$
  • ron
    ron Member Posts: 222
    yeah i plan on eventually putting in a new weil boiler with a matching indirect tank... but that will not be very soon after oil tank replacement so I need to keep the existing junk running satisfactory.

    I keep forgetting to check nozzle gph on each but i think it's 1gph on each burner.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,731
    Is there a code or legality for how close to the oil tank a new cast iron boiler can be located to it in the basement ?

    5 feet