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Water in pigtail

Matthias Member Posts: 22
Hi everyone - I am curious if anyone has had any problems with water going into the pigtail on a Crown boiler. We installed this boiler in 2007 and installed a new block the summer 2017. Over the last 2 months, every 2 weeks or so, we get a call from the customer with no heat. Everytime we find water in the pigtail. Has anyone dealt with a problem like this before? Thanks for you help.


  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 1,668
    That water is actually supposed to be there,
    and in fact, you should "prime" the pigtail after cleaning or checking it.
    this is one time I am going to suggest raising ever so slightly the pressure setting on the P trol.
    You might have it dialed down so far that when the water / condensate forms in the loop it offers just enough resistance to stop the trol from seeing boiler pressure.
    dial it UP a 1/4 turn, or 1/2 turn, and watch a cople cycles.
    that should do you.
    Post a picture also, maybe we'll see something else.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 11,223

    just think about this.

    Steam is not supposed to reach a pressure control or a pressure gage. Some pressure gages will say "has internal syphon" on them. For a short period of time it will not hurt it.

    When steam enters a pigtail loop it will get cooled because the room air surrounding the pigtail is cooler than the steam so it condenses into you get water in the pigtail.

    The water is supposed to be in the pigtail.....that's what protects the pressure gage or control from touching steam
  • Gordo
    Gordo Member Posts: 795
    @Matthias: It may be the pigtail is clogged or rusted shut. Is the pigtail in question brass or steel? If it is steel, it should be replaced anyway, clogged or no.
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  • newagedawn
    newagedawn Member Posts: 586
    a pic of the near boiler piping would be good
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  • Matthias
    Matthias Member Posts: 22
    @Gordo, I believe the pigtail is brass and I think we changed it when we changed the block. @EBEBRATT-Ed, thank for explaining that and yes that makes a lot of sense. @neilc and @newagedawn, we'll be going back next week to check the system and I will have our guys take some pictures. Thanks for everyone's help. Stay tuned!