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moentrol shower faucet no workie when only cold water line pressurized ?

ron Member Posts: 148
i have 2 full baths and i'm pretty sure the shower faucets are the same. the plate says moentrol on them, it's single handle and is a pull outward for flow, rotate left for hot right for cold.
my question is i'm doing some work and have only the cold water pipe connected to the bathrooms and neither shower faucet will flow any water into the tub. and the one faucet that gets the most use even though it's all the way off i have a drip drip drip out the hot water pipe in the basement that's currently disconnected, but only on that one the other hot water pipe to the other bath there's no drip.
is this normal operation for these type of faucets?
do they need water pressure on the cold and hot side to flow water?

this is what it looks like, not sure if the exact model


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 3,721
    Its a pressure balanced valve....its supposed to do that. you need hot and cold water. Anti scald/ anti chill....
  • ron
    ron Member Posts: 148
    the pressure balance was what i couldn't remember.
    that's pretty lame the way it can't operate.
    is this a federal law or code type of thing where for my safety shower faucets need to be this 'pressure balanced' device?
    are there other options to shower faucets beside this, if so what are some buzz words to look for?
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 8,315
    edited July 2015
    If that is the older Moentrol, I have 3 of then in my house (20 + years and have never had to change the cartridge/guts) and they are by far much better than the standard Moen pressure balancing valve of today....pressure balancing is or should be common sense "code" everywhere.
    If you want to know how well you are actually protected, just find an old 2 handle shower valve and use it. Then have someone flush the toilet next to it. You lose your cold water pressure but not the hot water pressure......and you learn to move pretty fast whenever you hear a toilet flush while showering. The same happens if you lose the hot pressure but at least you don't get a rash in a tender place.
    When one side of the supply experiences a drop in pressure the valve balancing spool moves to make the other side to match the flow. You never know some flushed the WC.

    If this were mine and i wanted to freshen up the looks of the valve I would get new trim plate & knob. You might replace the cartridge of the most used one also. Now this will probably add up to more money than a big box store pretty valve with some exotic finish that lasts one year, but I wouldn't change it unless I went for a commercial/institutional grade. IMHO

    Also; Moen of 25 years ago and Moen of today is a different animal, The big box Moen of today may be built to modern "off shore" standards.
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