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Ultimate Goal:

ERFERF Member Posts: 35
Drive heating system with only one circulator and constant circulation. Rental house, top floor apt has single loop fin-tube system on own circulator. Heats LR, BR, KIT, and Bathroom, with Taco 007 circ.

1st Flr has monoflow system with CI rads, heating front door hallway entrance for both apts, LR, DR, KIT, and Bathroom off of kitchen,

with the huge red B&G circulator.

Basement BR & Bathroom heated by single loop fin-tube with taco 007 circ.

Current boiler Gas Hydrotherm Atmosphertic.

How would you pipe it, control it, and maintain constant circulation?


  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    need flows and heads for each loop

    then maybe...
  • Dave HDave H Member Posts: 274
    One circ is your goal?

    Dave H
  • ERFERF Member Posts: 35
    Ultimate Goal

    Electrical load is not shared equally between both apts. this causes some discontent  between tenants.
  • ERFERF Member Posts: 35
    Ultimate Goal

    Electrical load is not shared equally between both apts. this causes some discontent  between tenants.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    If the electric bills

    are measurably affected by small circulators, some investigation is in order.
  • ERFERF Member Posts: 35
    Ultimate Goal

    Investigation revealed that one tenant was also paying for the others DHW.  Long story, but that problem has been fixed. Now would like to fix the last remaining area.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Need flows and heads

    for both loops as requested.
  • ERFERF Member Posts: 35
    Ultimate Goal

    Swei, I agree with you that I would need flows and heads for all loops. 

    Another property that I baby-sit has  mono-flow system, 2 stories, one 007 circ,all CI emitters, works well. 

    System I am working on has to be repiped to pumping away as now it is pumping into the return.  My thought was to put on a Grundfos Alpha which gives me three mode options to vary the flow rates  It should work or am I missing something.
  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    This just sounds silly

    I have a lot of properties I rent, and if I were the property owner I would just knock off $3 each floors rent in the heating months... this will be much less money and aggravation than what you are trying to do..

    I have a customer that has 6 apartments with one boiler, 1 loop for each apartment, the boiler is wired to the "house" panel, each apartment has their own circulator and 845 switching relay on their own electricity, but he did this so if their electric was shut off they wouldn't have access to heat, because he had a problem with tenants letting the electric get shut off and living with extension cords from the house panel....
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