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Heat loss calculation software

tpowls84tpowls84 Member Posts: 7
Is there any good heat loss calculation software that you use? I need to know how much baseboard heat an apartment needs. Thanks


  • tom3holertom3holer Member Posts: 45
    Heat Loss


    Yes, there is a program by Slant/fin called Hydronic Express.

    Do  Google search and you will find it. Its free although no longer supported. There is s new version for the Iphone and Ipad. The laptop version I like better however. I have been told that it is a bit pessimistic on actual BTU loss. It errs on the high side.

  • smihailasmihaila Member Posts: 93
    edited March 2013

    There is also HVAC-Calc v4. Not free but quite easy to use and I like its "systematic" approach in organizing and collecting the data.

    I bought only the "residential customer" license, which is cheap but it lasts for 1-2 months only. But it's suited for 1-time type of job I guess.
  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    Slant/Fin "Heat Loss Explorer isn't pessimistic about infiltration where high winds are concerned.

    Pessimism on heat/cool occurs in heat loss programs comes when you either round UP or round DOWN. I have always rounded UP.
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