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Hot Water Heat with cold rooms furthest from the boiler

PaulPaul Member Posts: 1
I have a slant fin hot water heating system in a two story brick home. Each radiator has a supply and a return coming off of a main. The two rear bedrooms, one on the first floor and the one directly above it are always colder than the other two bedrooms directly next to them.The rest of the house is warm. All of these rear bedrooms get the same amount of sun exposure and have two exposed walls each. I measured the temperature at the radiator in the chilly room at 125 degrees and in the warm room next to it at 150 degrees. I bled all the radiators prior to putting on the boiler and drained the expansion tank. My oil company wants to replace the slant fins with cast iron Burnhams to give a larger heating surface. If the temperature is the problem, then the size of the radiator wont make a difference. The boiler mechanic already boosted the circulation at the boiler last year, but that didn't help. The chilly room measures 11'6" x 9'10" with an 8' ceiling. The radiator measures 40"L x 6"W x 2"H. The warm room next to it measures 12'8" x 12'8" with an 8' ceiling. The radiator measures 44"L x 6"W x 2"H.


  • Paul...........

    you don`t get much heat off fin-tube rads at 125, I`d be tempted to say you have a flow problem. Is this a 2 pipe HW system, or Mono-Flo(diverter-tees) off 1 single main?
  • catluvercatluver Member Posts: 1
    hot water heat with cold rooms furthest from the boiler

    I just installed a new Baxi forced hot water heating system in our split entry cape (3 living rooms).  The room furthest from the heating system is always cold. When we had a new heating system, I had guys measure each room to be sure that we had the right amount of heating vents (slant fin) for the size of the room - we did. But this room is always cold.  Is there anything that I can do or investigate as to why it is the coldest?  Thanks.
  • Cold Rooms

    Paul and catluver:  I agree with N/A that you have a flow problem.  Air may be the culprit since it will reduce and may even stop flow.  In some systems (i.e. MonoFlo), it may be very difficult to remove, but there is hope.  Call someone in that knows how to purge air from a system.  Power purging, adding air vents and valves or just finding that hidden valve that some guy before you installed when he had the same problem.  There is also the ME Dawn method:
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  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 909
    Don.t understand

    How your measuring your baseboard.44" long OK. But 2" high x 6" wide? Anyway you basically have a 4 foot baseboards which ain't gonna cut it. Plus I doubt that they are pipe directly back to the boiler. Most likely in series if on the 2nd floor. I would raise the boiler temp to 180* f.
  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 909
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