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Navien 240


Once in a while or I should say at least once a day we do not get hot water and it takes like a good two minutes before any hot water. What could cause this issue?



  • HDEHDE Posts: 220

    If you are referring to you CH combi, open the manual and find how to enable the DHW preheat function. When unit is heating it takes awhile to change over to domestic operation
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  • XmytruckXmytruck Posts: 85
    edited February 2013
    how water recirculating pump


    One more question my system has how water recirculating pump does help or should I still turn on the preheat? I should mention that it has thermostatically controlled pump ( i think there is box that is connected to the pipe with a romex wires connected to it) and the high temp board is set to low temp and dwh is set to 140. I will be setting the dwh down to 120 I think this is the cause the issue. I have seen this issue start right after the high temp board was installed and I was told that dip switch 7 and 8 was for hot water, which as you know on the high temp boards switch 8 is high temp and low temp setting. I also learned that if you have high temp set then you must have remote installed to controlled dhw. If I turn on the preheat how much more enery will that use?


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