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Intro and question re Tridicator replacement

Paul Wolf
Paul Wolf Member Posts: 35

I stumbled upon this site last week, and it looks like a real good resource with friendly folks that don't mind sharing info with a non-industry (but fairly knowledgeable) homeowner.

My question is about tridicators. I've got a friend of mine with a 20 year old Burnham boiler. The temp needle on his tridicator sticks and also registers incorrectly (high). It registers about 240 when the boiler temp is actually about 190. It's time to replace it. I've never replaced one so I am not sure what info I need in order to get one. Is it simply a matter of rear or bottom "probe", and thread type (with correct temp and pressure range)? Or is there more to it. Probe depth? Adapters? etc.

Am I correct in assuming that I let the boiler cool down, close off the supply, and any other isolating valves I can find, drain enough off to get negative pressure, then replace the gauge? I've done plenty of T&P reliefs this way.

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated. Thanks.



  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    edited February 2011
    one thought

    Keep in mind it's not as sturdy as a P.R.V. Had one last week on a gas boiler that broke off flush. Make sure to use tape on the threads and use a wrench not your hand to turn it in.
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