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Indirect Hot Water Heater

Jimbo_5 Member Posts: 214
Does anyone know if Indirect Hot Water Heaters qualify for tax credits in 2009, 2010?  I have heard several opinions, but nothing solid?  I live in Staten Island, NYC, if that makes any difference, and we installed a Triangle Tube Smart-40.


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,393
    Not that I am aware of.

    What wins the rebate is what burns the fuel at the federal level last I checked.

    Your local utility "may" allow the cost of the indirect  rolled-in as part of a total system replacement (getting rid of an older boiler and the separate HW heater and upgrading to a ModCon with Indirect for example).

    But if you were to just change out the boiler, CI for CI and put in an indirect with cold start controls, or just hooked up the indirect to an existing boiler of conventional efficiency, no dice from the feds. The efficiency of the appliance drives it.

    Call your local utility first. They sometimes have flexible rules especially if they are closing out their quarterly of fiscal year end books. They have to spend it all as part of the deal.
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