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Burnham Cycling

Alaska Member Posts: 2
I have a relative new Burnham LEDV Series.  I have been having this problem for the last 3 years.  It is much worse in the winter when then boiler is being utilized much more.  We have been able to figure out what causes the problem, just not fix it.  We have had nearly every boiler tech is town try without help.  They have replaced nearly everything on the boiler and nothing has helped.

What happens is the boiler will bring the glycol up to temperature and then turn off.  If any other zone in the house then calls for heat while the boiler is still up to temperature, the boiler will switch on and then immediately turn off, locking out.  The green light blinks, but you cannot reset it until the temperature drops below the minimum.  If you try to reset before that it again immediately turns off and locks out.  ANY IDEAS will be appreciated.  I am wondering if the aquastat is bad since that is the only thing that hasn't been replaced.


  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,181
    Burner Lockout

    It sounds like the R7184 primary control is being interrupted by the aquastat. This is the normal sequence of operation. Don't try to push the reset when this happens or else you'll trigger a lock out. The R7184 is sensing that a limit switch (the aquastat) is open and keeping the burner off until it closes. The led flashing 1/2 second on then 1/2 second off indicates this.  This does not necessarily mean that the aquastat is defective. You may have a flow problem through the boiler or the aquastat may need adjustment. See attachment, Page 9.

    Some pics. of your pumps and near boiler piping would be helpful.
    Bob Boan
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  • Alaska
    Alaska Member Posts: 2

    I think you may be on the right track.  What do you mean I have a flow problem?

      I did open up the auqastat last night and adjusted the upper limit by a few degrees and worked the magnetic switch back and forth a few times.  I also opened up the accessory lower limit switch and worked back and forth a  little and it has not turned off yet.  It normally switches off each morning after I shower and it brings the boiler up to temperature and then I  turn the heat up and it tries to turn on even though it is up to temperature.  It will switch on and then right back off and you cannot reset it until the temperature drops to near the low set mark.

    Does any of this help?  How do I know if the aquastat needs replaceing?  That is one of the only thins that have not been replaced.
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