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pics of loop seal and bad boiler piping (clammy)

Chas_2 Member Posts: 104
Here's a couple of pics of what i would not of good near boiler piping and what to do when you put a boiler in who's water line is below where you steam main drip tie in ,i also tied in a former steammain drip which was dis connected long ago for who know what,upon first looking at the system a couple of f and t's where installed here and there but no every where and of course none hwree drain because there was no pressure differental between the two ,so i removed them all 4 to be honest and piped in loop seals and then found all the rest and loop sealed them ,i also removed a above the water line 2 " copper return which sounded like a old coffee machine before she belt out hammering till the end of the cycle ,i vented the hell out of her and installed a vapor stat ,before i started it was 42 minutes to get steam at the vents ,i removed all the bushing and made vent manifold tee's with union and installed about 16 gorton #1 vents in various locations turned that steam into the end of the mains in about 12 minutes from a semi cold start not bad ,even with the boiler piping not to what i belive is correct nor what i would have done from the get go it works i still have 1 slow main and i blame it on the near boiler piping and exiting velocity 36 fps but other disagree it's piped to burmhams sizees but i believe the pipes are to small i've done the math ,i also replace a good deal of wet returns also while there landlord totally please and i await the hi low hi gas set up for it ,also the boiler is oversized for not only the connected load but also by a quick heat lose i perfromed but now she at least runs for more then 2 minutes at a time ,thanks to the master steamhead for a few words of wisdom which lite the dim bulb in my skull thanks buddy and of course the king from burmham glen statton you rock guy waiting till you pass on through to hook up and dan who brings all the minds and great info together peace and good luck clammy


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