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job pics

FRANK_24 Member Posts: 80


  • FRANK_24
    FRANK_24 Member Posts: 80
    job pictures

    I know you guys like to look at pictures, being blue collar workers an' all, so here are a few of my jobs.
    1st is twin 60 hp; 2nd is a V907; 3rd is a brazed plate HE being supplied by the next pic; 5th is the same boiler room w/twin 200 hp; 6th is another 200 HP;last are twin 250 HP
  • Josh_10
    Josh_10 Member Posts: 787

    Looks great! I too am a commercial/industrial boiler guy. Nice controls work on the IC burners and steam controls. One critique though. I would run the combustion air for the Aerco Benchmarks a little higher. I am sure that the heat exchanger will need to be yarded out at one point for either maint. or replacement. I have personally replaced atleast 15 Benchmark heat exchangers in the last two years. They are awesome boilers though. Probly the best commercial Mod/Con on the market. Did you use the BMS with those?

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  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,785
    nice work, here's another version

    see attachment (to save website memory I made the photo small so it won't print well. I can always send you directly full size if you want it.)


  • frank_25
    frank_25 Member Posts: 202

    We installed a total of 8 benchmark boilers, for Sumer use only to produce dhw on this project in three boiler rooms, along with twin 200HP FST and twin 132HP PLW steamers. The BMK system was used at all sites. The combustion air was installed low by necessity, as the ceiling was JAMMED with electric feeders for this 462 apt. building. The Benchmarks were tight to the rear walls, and tight to the 200HP boiler in the front, entrance doorway to the left, and needed room for the plate heater & F.O. pumps on the right. But we managed to keep required clearances for service. Also, the boiler room was on the second floor of the building! Crane 'em up, skate 'em in, hook 'em, fire'em.
  • frank_25
    frank_25 Member Posts: 202
    do it!!!

    That is a great offer Dave. I'll gladly accept the full sized for printing/framing. Thanks.
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