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War on terror

I think at last we can say the the "war on terror" is over.Last weeks tragedies in the southern states prove this.Bin Laden and his partners will have a hard time trying to top this one,which leads me leads me to ask what are we afraid of?.

Public anxiety is constantly being manipulated by elevated terror alerts and for what good?.Bin laden relizes that we are generally in a constant state of fear at any given time and that we need very little motivation to overeact.They issue warnings and we run around like blind queers in a weiner factory.

The administration carries on warning of us of the enevitable and then out of the blue a tsunami or hurricane comes and kicks your ass.Yes it is enevitable ,we would need levels of security matching Israel and guess what it still happens there.So we can bankrupt the nation trying to stop something that will most likely happen again.Or we can take away any benifit they reap by not giving them any airtime in our lives.

Our society level of fear is like a hydronic system ,already pressurised with the air bled out.All a terrorist has to do is flick on the switch.This is not healthy and gets nothing done at the end of the day.

We will win the war on terror by realizing that we are own greatest terrorists.The terrorists relize it is just too bad we do not.
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