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Upgrading ESBE 4-way mixing valve Question (Glenn H.)

I believe Paxton has a new control available. The TC201. This control does quite a bit as well as outdoor reset. The ESBE valve will still need a motor like the VM-62. Buderus is looking into offering the TC201 control instead of the TC-62. Right now if there is a VM-62 motor and reset is desired, the VM-62 motor has to be removed and replaced with the TC-62. The TC201 will control the VM-62 motor as well as call on the boiler and circulator.


  • Glenn HarrisonGlenn Harrison Member Posts: 845
    I'm looking for options to upgrade...

    a manually operated ESBE 4-way mixing valve.

    We are in the process of upgrading a boiler and other work for a new customer (pics will be available when the project is done). One thing the customer asked of us is to automate the existing ESBE manual 4-way mixing valve, as he is tired of having to continuously adjust the valve to keep the temp below 120º for the whole house radiant tubing. Of course I know that if he left it alone when the system is hot it would be fine, but he insits on playing with it.

    Anyways, I got a quote from our supplier and was shocked at the price for the ESBE brand actuator, and more inportantly the controller to upgrade this. What other controllers and/ or actuators can be used on ESBE valves to automate this system?
  • Paxton

    Paxton Corporation (Lief, Nelson, Steve) has an outdoor reset controller (TC62) that mounts on an ESBE 3 or 4-way mixing valve. (203)929-1800; FAX (203)925-8722.

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  • Glenn HarrisonGlenn Harrison Member Posts: 845
    Sorry, my bad

    the controls I was quoted were made by Paxton / ESBE.
  • But

    the actuator and controller are all one piece and mount on the mixing valve. I thought the price was very reasonable.

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  • Glenn HarrisonGlenn Harrison Member Posts: 845
    Well i might have been mis quoted

    as I was told I needed the TC62 Controller, and the VM62 floating actuator which together gave me a price of close to a grand. If I need just the TC62, that will shave a few hundred off the price.

    Thanks Alan.
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Flanged esbe?

    if not sounds steep.

    2 inch is spendy though. sounds like its headed for LLH land:)

    Taco variable speed injection pump...?oo-vs
  • bbbb Member Posts: 31


    All you need to do is get an outdoor reset control, and a motor from Danfoss. They are in the distributor for ESBE in North America. Call 443-512-0266 and ask for Bill or Edwin.

  • Glenn HarrisonGlenn Harrison Member Posts: 845
    Actually, I don't need outdoor reset,

    I just need a control that will operate the actuator to maintain a constant 120º supply temp from the 4-way to the 8 zones of infloor radiant.

    What I need to know is what controls (Tekmar, etc) that will meet this need. I'm sure it's out there, I just don't know what it is.
  • tim smithtim smith Member Posts: 2,226
    mod valve & control

    Try looking at Lynig motor?? spelling, not sure. And a Tekmar setpoint control if you don't want reset, although I would look at reset as it wont cost you that much more. Total less than 500, wholesale. I like the Lynig motors as they are quieter than the Esbe. Good luck Tim.
  • RaguRagu Member Posts: 138

    Just caught your post. I'm in the same position with a 4 way ESBE manual valve job that I inherited, except that I'm also looking for O.R. I tried: and their TC62D looks like the ticket for me.

    I got pretty confused on the Tekmar site, but I'm sure they have something that will also do the job. Hydronicsmike (Mike Miller?) at Tekmar has helped me in the past.
  • DWoodDWood Member Posts: 60

    is the motor you want, made by ESBE and distributed by Danfoss. The motor comes with a sensor to strap on a pipe and the motor has two adjustment knobs, one to set the temperature to maintain at the sensor and the second one to adjust how frequently you want to look at that temperature (one to 90 seconds). Add a 24 volt transformer and you're good to go.
    Good Luck,
  • Glenn HarrisonGlenn Harrison Member Posts: 845
    Thank you Dennis!

    That looks exactly like what I need. Now I just have to find my area Danfoss distributor.
  • viccipeviccipe Member Posts: 20
    4way piping strategy

    Must have actuator...very expensive.
    ALl that money should get Tekmar with boiler reset.
    Other wise only 3/4's tuxedo u wear.
  • Joe@buderus[email protected] Member Posts: 302
    Control is TC204

    The control is the TC204 not TC201, Sorry.
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