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Converting 199m Munchkin from NG to Propane

I just did one with the Dungs gas valve. The kit was only about $15 so the expense is minimal to ensure you don't void the warranty. The procedure is very easy and a good tester is mandatory.

The instructions indicated to turn the throttle screw 4 full turns in, but I had to back it out about a turn to get the unit to fire and adjust from there. I'm at about 7000' altitude so that probably is what made the difference.


  • Tom_88
    Tom_88 Member Posts: 1
    199M munchkin

    I just purchased a 199M Munchkin. I ordered an LP Unit but the supply house delivered a NG unit. I called the sales rep, but he was worthless. All he said was you can convert it by turning the mixure screw on the regulator. He also said they sell a kit but it is just instructions and a label.

    I am a powerplant maintenace man by trade. I have a Bacharach combustion analyzer to use at my leasure from work and use it often. Can some one give me the skinny on setting the regulator, or at least a balpark rough setting so I dont have to shell out cash for a bunch of paper. I can fine tune it with the analyzer.


  • Guy_6
    Guy_6 Member Posts: 450
    The rep is right and wrong

    They are correct in the procedure, but the kit is necessary for liability purposes. It provides the correct procedure, as well as the NEW labels required for the boiler. I would say to ask the wholesaler where you purchased the boiler-if they don't have a kit, they can get one shipped overnight easily enough.
  • Pinball
    Pinball Member Posts: 249
    Dungs vs. Honeywell

    The rep and Guy are right ONLY if the unit you have has a Dungs gas valve. If you happened to get one with a honeywell valve, then you need the proper orfice installed. Either way a digital anylizer is alot better to dial one of theses babies in. (and faster too).

    Al (pinball) Bruno
  • Couderay
    Couderay Member Posts: 314

    For the warranty to take place you need the kit. Yes it's paper work but its a fairly easy job,of course this applies to the dungs valve only.
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