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Peerless Pinnacle

Ken, as a Peerless rep, I can assure you the Pinnacle Oil bears no resemblance to the condensing oil furnaces of the past and present (Adams Mfg. currently offers such a unit). The Pinnacle Oil is a very simple heat exchanger and does not incorporate a secondary heat exchanger like the furnaces did. The first remark made by most veterans is to note its similarity to the GE units of the past. We are using an AFG burner and Peerless/Tekmar control both of which have been around for some time. The baffling consists of a set of stainless baskets which slow down the flue gases. It requires proprietary venting, but that is no big deal. The amazing thing is that you can't hear the burner firing it is that quiet. We have seen a number of them sold and installed in New England with no trouble. Given Peerless' history, presence and support hope this builds some confidence in the product. Let me know, I'll gladly furnish an installation book so you can see how simple this unit really is.


  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836
    Peerless Pinnacle

    Have any of the Wallies had any experience with the Peerless Pinnacle or other oil fired condensing boilers? The last oil condensing furnace I looked at was from the 80's. They were always problems that were never really corrected, such as ignition problems and sooting up. They are probably all in the ashheap of history by now. Anyway, this is the 21st Century. Has anyone had any problems with the current crop of condensing boilers? Are they prone to soot up as the old days? The price of fuel these days dictates efficiency. We want to do well by our customers, but we don't want to sell them problems. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836
    Thank you ****

    I have spoken to you several times when you were with Carlin and I have no doubt of your sincerity. Because of past bad experiences, the boss swore off oil condensing units. Until now. Is the Pinnacle easy to service? We have a lot of oil contracts, so tune ups nust be done in a reasonable amount of time.The main issue is any problems inherent to the unit. Are they down-fired? If so, any probelms with coking of the drawer assy. or head? We sell a fair amount of the standard Peerless boilers, so I do have the literature from our supplier. Thanks for your input.
  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229
    condensing boiler

    I have installed my first pinnacle and it has been up and running flawlessly for several months. Very good company support, Thanks to Mr. Charland. I have posted several pictures. It runs 92% eff. out of the box.
    Regards, Gary
  • Chris_84
    Chris_84 Member Posts: 7
    peerless pinnacle -propane fired

    I have a problem of gas smell coming from the blower and when the unit is not running moist air (condensation) is blowing back out of the intake of the blower and onto the main electric board in the unit.And unit locks out (fo9) 10% of the time.
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    Thank you everyone.
  • Uni R_2
    Uni R_2 Member Posts: 589
    Nice shots!

    Nice shots of a very nice install (it's really too bad it's in a dark location where not enough folks will get to see it).

    How much condensate does it produce in comparison with a small gas condensing boiler?
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