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Dan???????? or anyone else?

steve can u post a picture or 2


  • Dan????????? or anyone else

    I read the file you sent Dan on the Radiant heat issue on the 1954 house. I even printed, but the resolutions between reading it and printing it are not that grteat on the schematics as far as determing the wording says......So I ask you or anyone else.The boiler right now is piped as follows.The supply side of the boiler is going into the 1 1/4" existing black iron header with the 6 1" lines with the 1" globe valves going into the floor, and it is piped into that header from the supply side of the boiler in 1" copper. The return side of the boiler is piped into the existing 1 1/4" black iron pipe that is coming thru the floor in 1/1/4" copper, Am I correct in assuming that the boiler should be piped opposite, according to what i can make out from what you sent me in the original thread? Also there is no vents , nor did there ever appear to be any vents on the existing system at those balancing valves.
    Steven Gronski
  • By the way

    By the way guys, I forgot to mention that the 007 on the system now is pumping away from the supply side of the boiler, into that 1 1/4" header that feeds the 6 1" black iron lines with the globe valves
  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,849
    here's an enhanced version of article maybe easier to read

    this may make some things clearer. I converted from pdf to jpg and increased the contrast.

    good luck,

    David, HO
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,491
    Also from the Library

    I=B=R. You can see how they piped directly in and out of the boiler in those days, not a good idea nowadays.

    Retired and loving it.
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